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Right after Jesus broke the power of death and sin by coming back to life, the number of those who followed Him exploded. The Temple and the Romans tried desperately to shut them down, but failed. Saul became Paul, and the Holy Spirit used their plan of persecution for church growth. Those who followed Jesus were known as “Followers of The Way”. They sought to live out the radically different life that Jesus taught and promised, so that in their obedience, the Kingdom would grow. It was this “living out” of the teachings of Jesus that allowed the Holy Spirit to continually add to their number, every day. The question is in a world that needs a Saviour, that needs to know a new way, how do we radically live out the teachings of Jesus in this season.

Signs of haunting are all around us. The gap widens between the poor and the rich. Conflict rages between groups and nations. Due to our actions, even the future of the planet is threatened. If we aren't disturbed then we haven't been paying attention. What if the Beatitudes contain the keys to our liberation - a nine statement manifesto of a new way of thinking and being that can change our lives and our world? During this three day retreat we will explore the revolutionary invitation of the Beatitudes, including group learning and exercises, periods of silent reflection and space to relax, recharge, connect and have fun. Participants will come away equipped with tools and resources to lead a Ninefold Path Beatitudes journey with others. 


Retreat Goals

·         Explore the radical life-giving invitation of the Beatitudes

·         Engage the dynamic of shared spiritual practices

·         Create space to rest, connect and refresh

·         Come away with tools and skills to lead others on a journey through the Beatitudes

 Facilitated by Mark Scandrette and local leaders.

$395/Person Includes Shared Accommodation, All Meals, Notebook

To REGISTER visit: https://www.stickytickets.com.au/62408