Personality & Growth ENNEAGRAM WORKSHOP

Personality & Growth ENNEAGRAM WORKSHOP

Oaisis Church Waterloo (map)

Your personality profoundly shapes the landscape of your spiritual journey and how you show up in your relationships. This is why a spiritual discipline that is effective for one person might not be as helpful for another.

In recent years the Enneagram has become a popular tool for self discovery and growth that many have found helpful. In this practical and interactive workshop day we will:

1. Use the vocabulary of the Enneagram to help us explore our core motivations, scripts, and fears
2. Reflect on how the words of Jesus might speak life to each personality type, particularly focusing on the nine invitations of the beatitudes
3. Consider the kinds of spiritual disciplines that are most helpful to particular personality types
4. Explore how an understanding of personality can improve relationships and public communication

You don't need any prior experience of the Enneagram to participate. But if you are curious about identifying your type, you can take the Enneagram Rheti test for a small fee:




Liminus (map)

Community is more than a core ingredient in the process of personal transformation. God’s Kingdom dream is for a community of people to be fully alive and freely aligned. This retreat is held within the “Liminis” community transformation project and features Mark Scandrette. Mark offers us a very grounded and practical approach to formation in community.

Introducing the Formation Experience
This twelve-month journey for disciples, leaders and pastors features proven faculty drawn from the world’s best formation and leadership programs. The integrated elements of the Formation Experience are:

• journeying with a national cohort of participants
• extended retreats with leading global thinkers and practitioners to engage in meaningful head, hand and heart learning
• an annual Formation Gathering that connects your cohort with ongoing Kingdom conversations and communities of practice
• integrated learning through guided reading, reflection and action.

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