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  • 2830 NE Flanders
  • Portland, OR 97232

Friday March 3rd, 7-9pm (hosted by Jonathan & Nicki Byers in Sellwood)

Saturday March 4th, 10:30am- 3:00pm (hosted at Flanders St, fireside)

Renew your vision for a thriving family.

Todays families face many competing demands and challenges. How can we create a home that honors the best of where we come from and embraces the emerging challenges and opportunities of life in the 21st century? It’s easy to get stuck reacting to the unhelpful patterns. Or it’s tempting to mirror the default values of safety, security, self-focus and material success that have characterized our culture. We know that simplistic, rule-based and one-size fits all approaches won’t work. Now more than ever, we need a vision for family that is creative, intentional, soulful and globally aware.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you have children, hope to have children, parent solo or with a partner, your household can be a place of BELONGING, where each person feels safe, cared for and loved AND a place of BECOMING, where you help one another develop who you are for the good of the world.

Join authors Mark and Lisa Scandrette for this practical workshop based on their latest book, Belonging and Becoming: Creating A Thriving Family Culture. Together we will explore tools and practices that can help your family thrive.


Parenting Couple: $50, includes book Belonging & Becoming & simple lunch saturday

Parenting Single: $25, includes book Belonging & Becoming & simple lunch saturday

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